Day 19

So today we were assigned projects to do this week.  The first project assigned was Life Is Good art.  This was actually a really fun project and I really enjoyed working on it.

I started with a few minuets of thinking and browsing the shirts that were already created. that gave me the idea of making a tree out of the words Life Is Good.  This was simple so I was going to try and make a branch with a catchy tree related quote but then it was pointed put to me that it looks like and I, which in particular I didn’t really like.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.18.37 AM

So at break me and kaitlyn were thinking up an idea when she was this flyer with a flamingo on it and sold me I should do a flamingo related piece of artwork. Right then I was thinking of flamingo related quotes I could use until the one I liked the most hit me “Lets Flamingle With Nature”

This one was the perfect one so after break I found a flamingo clip art, dropped it in used the trace tool to make it vector based so that its not pixely.  After a few touch ups with the pen tool, on my path, I typed up my Quote then made another path on the leg to add the Life is Good text to it.  After that I was finished with the picture saved it and uploaded it to my website.

flamingo t shirt design

snake shrit design