week 4 Day 23

Today I got quite a bit accomplished.  I first created another life is good design because Mrs Fascht was not too fond of my amazing flamingo. The new design I created was of a boxer puppy because she wants what makes our life good and my boxer makes my life amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.18.37 AM

The first part of making this design was finding a cute puppy I could use for the design.  After finding the puppy I wanted to use I “cut” him out so to speak by erasing all the white that was put around him in photoshop.  Once I erased everything I deleted the background and saved the puppy, and finally loaded I’m into Illustrator.

Once uploaded I added the text to him made a path with some swirls on the ends under it and throw some mud on him. This in itself didn’t take very much other than just erasing extra mud and adjusting its translucency. This didn’t really make much of a challenge other than being time consuming.

Then we came back to the snake…this is a little difficult to be honest.  I had to change some things on it then I eventually got dissatisfied with it all so I changed it all and added somethings and deleted those thing I added and just had a repeated process of adding and deleting……


I then was looking for fonts and saw one with crossed pistols and thought that since I’m going fro a western design then it would look good if I had some crossed pistols on it.  Once i found some crossed pistols I traced them and colored them in photoshop.

I added the pistols to my main design and made some text to go along with it which didn’t really work out so I will be creating some new text for it another day and try to get the text right.  The text is the only thing I am really having trouble with in the part of the project.


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