Week 4 Day 21

Today the first thing I did was go down to career center an get my results fro my workeys test that I took yesterday.  I got a better score on it so my score went up and got me a silver instead of a bronze.

After that I went to finish my second t shirt with the snake on it. Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 9.01.52 AM

I went with a few different placements on the text and some new styles on it. This didn’t take hardly any time at all so i was able to finish this wishing a few minuets.

The next thing I went for is the tristate t shirt design project.  This took some thinking to do and I’m gradually getting to finishing it.  I re thought  my original design for something a bit more mature than a bunch of colorful words moving into a swirl.  My current design for it is going to be a bird with music notes falling off of its wings but I still don’t know my main quote for it.



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