Week 3 day 17 I think i want a nap….no I know I want a nap….Ok I’m taking a nap later

Today is project day and I am tired as can be right now, Im to tired to think of something to do for my project.

I remember one day christian working on a band album cover for a project day so I decided to make a Band cover for a fake band I came up with.

The first thing I did on my project was I gave it a name then I worked on making the effect behind the name. the hard part about this is remembering the trick to making the crescent shape which didn’t take to long after a bit of frustration I just made the general shape with the ellipse tools then I traced the black that was made by them with the pen tool.  This didn’t take any time at all but transforming it the way I wanted to took a bit of time to accomplish. After getting the first transformation I just command D for a few seconds before I got to where I wanted to.

The next thing I started doing was importing different pictures into the file which I DID pull off the internet the artists that actually drew them are unknown, but the reason why I imported instead of drawing it all myself was that I wanted to  use some of the skills I have learned from my current course and it was also quite a bit faster. (I know I’m a little lazy from time to time)

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.15.01 AM

Finally I made a few finishing touch ups on the general positioning of the pictures and of the crescents I created.

Challenges of this Project:  This project provided a general amount of challenges in itself.  The main one was the gauntlet because when it was imported its background was actually the color of some of its pieces.  This proved to test my patients more than anything in this project.  The reason fro that is because it required me to take shapes and slowly fill in the empty spots that were translucent.  This took way more time than I had expected it too, to be honest.  The plus to when I had traced it with the trace option, being that the background is black, I didn’t have to do a whole lot of cleaning up on the lines which really cut down on the time I was using on this project already.

The final part that got on my nerves was coloring the crescents. Im not even joking this made me mad because I couldn’t get any color to go well with the rest of it but not using up the space around the images looked VERY bland and boring to me.  I am still unsatisfied with the colors but I have tweeking to do to them which Im hoping I can get down tomorrow.  I wouldn’t doubt it if I spend a good amount of my time tomorrow on colors tomorrow because I am very picky about coloring my projects.  If its anything short from perfect its going to mess with my head and spoil my mood for the day so I have to get these colors down.


Thoughts: This project had so far been a good project to use some of my new skills and also use some of the old ones that I hadn’t used in a long time.  The reason why I went with this was for the soul purpose of using some of the old skills so that I wouldn’t forget them.  The best way to keep up with old and new skills is to constantly use them.














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