week 3 day 15 4 NEW COURSES

So today I talked to Mrs Frascht about getting me some new courses set up being that I finished my first course yesterday so I told her id like to do more on Illustrator and she went through the illustrator courses and picked out 6 or 7 of them for me to go through.  Being that I had pretty much unlimited knowledge at my finger tips at this moment I went through and listened to each one of the introduction chapters on all the courses she picked out for me and I selected four of them that I just couldn’t pass down. The four courses I selected, in this order I plan on doing them, were Tracing Artwork with Illustrator, Drawing Better and Faster with Illustrator CC, Perspective Drawing with Illustrator, and Illustrator CC 2015 One-on-One: Advance. After emailing the courses to Mrs Frascht I went ahead and Downloaded the Exercise files for the courses so that I would already have them at had but I compacted them into a file of their own so that I wouldn’t have a lot of clutter on my desktop.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.19.00 AM

The reason why I don’t have the tracing course files in my AICC file is because that is the next course I plan on doing and I just want to be able to open up one file and be right there at it.

Today in Career Center I was finished with what was planned out for me until next week so i was researching college for graphic designing and digital arts.  One of my teachers told me that there is one on either Pennsylvania or in Philadelphia.  If iI cannot find me a good colleage for graphic designing or digital arts for me to really develop a mastery for my love with technology I platoon going to Bellingham, Washington and work for the FastCap Co. there.  In a nut shell FastCap is a company that produces a lot of packaged small goods.  They also make multiple wood working tools for carpenters and hobbyists.


This is a link to their work and they have 3 other sublinks for their office settings and how they really strive fro the goal of making a very neat, simple, and flexible setting.

I had mentioned FastCap yesterday I believe thats why I’m going on a way to show you why they really are.


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