week 3 day 13 SPRING BREAK

Today is Project day so I thought I would go into photoshop and modify and make one of my old drownings better than it was since I’ve developed a few skills since I created this picture.  The first thing I did was with each section of the picture that should be separate I went in with the magnetic lasso and made them their own layers.  This also let me make each item its own shadow to make it have more depth than be flat like the original.  On some layers I made the I also added a bevel or a gradient to make it look better.  This aged depth and a realistic look to the teeth and horn on the front of the mask.  To make the mask look worn down and realish I added some white on the red accents and used the smuge tool to blend the white in and make it look like the red was wearing off.  The one challenge  I ran into was that my items didn’t want to really line up that well but with a few more effects they started to look better and its not noticeable.  The biggest tool I used for separating everything was the Quick Edit Mask Mode tool this made my selections WAY prettier and cleaner than it I just left it as it was.  The final thing I plan on fixing when I get back from spring break is the hair.  I got them placed where I want the now I just need them where they look more in the picture than a bland flat surface.

This is the last day of the week so Spring Breaks starts today!!!! This means I can SLEEP in!!!!!!!!!!


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