week 3 day 10


The first thing I covered today was how to make complex shapes.  In this lesson I was able to take the selection of the circle and its inner circle and make it a hallow circle that could been arranged infant of the square and you could see though the circle and see the square behind it.

Then I covered how to use the pathfinder panel and use its simple control buttons to make different effects.

The next thing I covered was how to use brushes and the basics of brushes.  The brush is exactly like the pencil but with different appliances than just a plain stroke.


After the brush tool I went to the eraser tool which instead of erasing an potion I don’t want like in photoshop is modifies the path of the selected shape and only modifies the shape I have selected.

Last I watched a video on how to use the shape builder tool.  with the shape builder tool I’m able to take 2 selected shapes of my choice that overlap and combine them and make one shape out of them or make different shapes that look like they inter lock together like with the rings.  I’m even able to subtract things from the shapes i have selected by holding down the alt key. The last thing about the shape builder tool is that if I have a shape build with a color in the fill section of my colors I actually can make that the color I have selected.




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