week2 day 9

Today was the last day of the week!!!!!!!! I finished my sword and re-thought a few things on it then I created by neck ground. Once I finished my background I went through some brush presets and found a pretty cool brush for my grass.  The first back ground I went for was a more desolate and war like battle field but because I couldn’t get the sky and the ground to go well together I went for a look that was more of an after the battle had finished look.  The drop shadow of the while group was pretty difficult to get set right because I had to go through and get everything set right so it would look good,  Towards the hang guard there is a drop shadow I set awhile back but when I went to look for it, it has no drop shadow in my settings which confused me but it still turns out pretty good. The last thing I did was put a flare on the picture to kinda resemble sunlight to add a realistic look to the shadow.  Even though it looks slightly cartoony it actually looks good to me.

Just as another small filler project to get my feet wet on radial gradients I made a poke-ball.  This small project was actually slightly difficult for me.  I ran into a few difficult road blocks when getting it put together and with the gradients.  When putting it together I kept noticing that it wasn’t wanting to set right for me.  The white on the bottom wanted to set itself lower than it should have been.  i sent the alignment setting controls to vertical and horizontal center everything which fixed my problem with the positioning.  on the gradients it went pretty smooth for the first bit of it but once again the white was giving me issues.  Because it was made form a circle then turnt into a half circle it wanted to put the gradient too into the center but with the right coloring and shading it ended up blending very well.


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