week 2 day 8

Today is project day and we were all asked to got a doodle 4 google and vote for the pictures we liked the most.  Not knowing if it was wanted I screenshotted the ones I voted for




Today for project day I was going to hone my skills with the gradient tool. pen tool , direct select tool, and also get to know the appearance panel a little better.  Now to start with I used the transform trick (shift, alt, command, and d) on a rectangle to make then general basic shape of my sword.  the main reason I chose a sword fro the gradient skills is because the blade, hilt, guard, and pommel all are metallic objects on a real blade and by using the gradient tool I am abel to make it look more realistic.  After making the general shape I got my pen tool and outlined the shapes I created and made my outline of it so work with.   next I used the direct select tool to make my swords general blade shape which was pretty interesting being that I’m not real good with the direct select tool but it turned out pretty well.  Once finishing the shape of the blade I started the gradients to make it look like light was casting onto the blade.   The main thing that really makes it look more solid of a light is the drop shadow I put behind it.  After finishing my blade I went onto the Hilt and hand guard.  I wanted a brass look to them so I got a goldish brown color for it and white to resemble a glare of light because when light hits brass it makes a bright glare onto it.  The trick to this one because I drew them separately was getting the gradients to match up.  after that I made the handle and wanted it too look like a dark wood with silverish blue accents to it.  Tomorrow since its another project day I plan on finishing my sword an giving it a very realistic finish to it.


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