week 2 Day 7

Today I got a lot accomplished.  I finished my goals fro this week.


The first thing I did was re-watch the scaling video so kind of get a recap on how to scale objects and just a few more things with it that I may not have grasped yesterday

After scaling objects I watched how to reflect objects with the reflect tool.  The reflect tool is a lot like the rotate tool but it will take your object and make a mirror image of if you hold down the alt key.  It does require the setting of a point to rotate around though.


After reflecting I went on to coloring the fill of selected objects.  This lesson was particularly simple other than just trying to select everything I wanted without moving all the objects from their original positions which was messing up the picture.


Next I found out about gradients and all of the settings that go along with them.  In illustrator the gradients settings and functions are different but surprsingly easier than on photoshop.  During this lesson I was working with the keystrokes and some how deleted all of my tools and had to reset everything manually which took up quite a bit of time sadly.


Once I fixed my tools I went on how to apply strokes and all the things about them. I found out that I am able to position where I want my stroke on my drawn path and how to control the weight of it.screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-8-56-54-am

I then learned how to apply certain ends to my lines and how to dot them.  You can open the stroke menu and that will allow you to add arrows to the ends then you can make it dotted or more real and look as if it was drawn by a real pen or pencil.


The next lesson covered was how to create gradients on my strokes.   This is especially useful because it allows me to make more defined and realistic looking drawings without having to do all of the shading and coloring in myself which saves me a lot of time. The way you apply a gradient to a stroke is first make sure it has a thick enough line that you can see it, then you have to make sure the the stroke is sitting on the path normally (not on the inside or on the outside of it the centered with the path) the you can apply your gradient and start adjusting things about it accordingly and make it a radial a d gradually make it link more and more realistic with the sliders on the gradient timeline.

The most confusing tool I used was the width tool, and I actually had alot of problems with it. it allows me to adjust the width of a stroke and change things about it which once I got it down it mad esomeplrerty cool things.  I drew a basic little tree skeleton and with the width tool I was able to make it a full fledged tree without and extra drawing or anything, just using the handles created from each point I made where I clicked on the path.

I then learned how to make global color swatches.  Its pretty simple, you pretty much just select the color you want to be global then you click add swatches.  After you select add swatches you get a menu to customize the CMYK or RGB color then you make sure the color is selected as a global then click ok and there it is.


The next thing the videos covered was about creating my own personal colors on Color.adobe.com then it also showed how to import colors that can get sent to you which allowed me to chance the color of the coffee shop logo

The next to last thing I learned was how to do was get more in-depth with my drawings and add strokes to then, effects, gradients, ect. but all as layers on that one selected drawing but not like sublayers.

The final thing I covered was how to create, modify, and save graphics.  The way you change graphics in illustrator is slightly different but pretty much the exact concept as Photoshop and being that I had prior knowledge on how to work photoshop effects it made this lesson a bit easier. It generally deals with the appearance panel for these effects which is the panel that “layers” panel.


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