week 2 day 6

Today I started chapter 6 on Illustrator playlist I’ve been on lately.  During this chapter I’m learning more on how to make cool effects and more tricks to make working easier for me. The first trick I was taught was how if I copy something then I can press command D and it will duplicate it in the exact same way the other was from the previous copy.  That means I can have perfect spacing with objects.  Another trick with that is if i size something up and move it it will move the next duplication of that object the same distance and increase its size the exact same as I previously increased it.  With the command D keystroke I can not only duplicate exact proportions I make, but I can also make my effects gradual.  This means if I’m rotating an object and duplicate it so that it moves a certain distance like on the clock and just make the tick marks uniform and perfect then wen i use the keystroke it will place the next copy the same distance from the last copy made.

The last thing I learnt in the video was how to transform and object.  As shown in the last 2 pictures the bottom left hand corner there is a triangle that rotates and gradually gets bigger which makes it look like its getting closer, I can make this effect by opening the transformation option menu by pressing Shift, Alt, Command and D all at once.

We also went to the career center today and I got to ass another volunteer activity and then I had to fill out an application.  The requirements for the application were pretty basic, I had to put references, where I go to school, if Im anywhere where technical training is taught.  I also had to put what I plan on graduating as, which is a Graphic Design Specialist, and the last thing I did was ass some references that could support my work ethic.  The people I referenced were 2 of my bosses an old woodshop instructor and another worker I work with.  After that I went through and filled in a few things that I did not have the information for and deleted some needed ‘cells’.  After all of that it was time for me to leave and come back to class


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