Week 2 Day 5

Today I was on lynda and finished chapter five then the sophomore tours started.  During the videos I did watch I learnt how to adjust and modify shapes and paths with the direct selection tool.  With the direct selection tool you’re able to select the stroke of a shape or the path that you have created and add new points or you can move some points and modify the line also like shown in the last few pictures of the “wonky” circle you can use the alt key and break the curve adjustment hands and modify a certain point by itself.

The last thing I did before getting distracted by the tours was I made a Star Logo with guides and shapes. I had actually made one of the drawings before I had come to Alva but I had quite a few issues with setting up my guides and other aspects before I could actually draw.  After the videos that i had watches though chapter 1,2,3,4, and 5 I found a lot of short cuts and tricks to making basic logos.  What I first did was I created my guides for my artboard.  After that I drew my circle for the logo as the base shape, then I selected the circle and selected the draw under option and I then drew on the guides three rectangles for my logo.  The next step was I selected each shape separately and made the rectangles a bright red that was a default color in my swatches, the circle I colored a navy blue the reselected with the regular selection tool. Once selected I selected the draw inside tool and drew my star in the center of my circle and to make sure it would stay upright and nor rotate the direction I don’t want it too I held down the shift  key.  When I finished the star it wasn’t the color I wanted it.  The star was the color of my circle, so I had to select the star by itself and change the color of it to white, which was in my swatches.  After the logo was finished I selected the view tab then went to guides and removed all guides.  Once the guides were removed I saw something I didn’t like.  The stroke had stayed on each shape and made it look really bad so I selected the shapes again then I made the stroke on each one transparent so that it wouldn’t show anymore. Once I was content and satisfied with the positioning of everything I signed my signature with the drawing tablet (Im still kinda getting use to signing with the tablet)


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