day 4

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.50.14 AM.png

today i went back and tried to make a little bit more progress on my project i started Thursday.  Being a little indecisive i changed what i had been working on into a cat.  gradually as i worked on it i was having trouble with the eraser because it doesn’t erase the same as the way photoshop does.  i was trying to get a general erase and erase a line but it wants to erase a portion of it then snap what parts i don’t want to back and remove what i don’t want too.  I’m not sure if there is a way to personalize the eraser to where it doesn’t do that so I’m gonna have too go and look sometime next week.

other than working on my cat i picture i was also helping Kolton and Christian with their project skit.  they were making a skit over a restaurant and they needed someone to help manage cameras and the osmo.  what i did to help with their problem was time the recording times of the first two cameras on tripods perfectly then i would start the osmo.

other than helping them with their cameras i also went and had my blood pressure taken by some of the health students fro and assignment they had.

my first week here wasn’t too bad just alot of adjusting to the new teaching style I’m in.  ill gradually get more attune to it and it’ll get a whole lot easier for me.  I’m not gonna lie its still a bit of a culture shock to me right now, but ill adapt to i just need to give it time to make it more home like and comfortable for me.

Also really quickly i added a new blush pack to my computer fro photoshop in case i ever start a project on photoshop on some project days in the future I’m not sure yet if ill ever do that or if on project days ill just try ad hone my skills on Illustrator and try to get better at that since I’m jumping feet first into it late in the year


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