day 3

today was a project day and without knowing what exactly to do i decided to log into my personal email and pull some things i sent myself as keep sakes before i left fairview.  With my personal files on my computer now i logged on to lynda and watched a few videos.  i learnt how to use shapes and some properties and key bound tricks to them.  the coolest thing i learnt was that i can go into the shapes option with any polygon and round the corners and on the same tool while I’m drawing i can hold alt and that will either make it fatter or it will make it skinnier depending on the way i pull my mouse.  I also found out a few tricks with the elpis tool and how to make pac-man buy adjusting a control hand on the side of the circle.

the final tool i was shown how to use before using all that i leaned over the past few days was the pencil tool.  the pencil tool is a little odd because the way it erases and the way it draws compared to the brush tool on photoshop.  it tends to have a mind of its own so I’m gonna have to tweek on it a bit before it actually gets to my comfort zone.

its only been day 3 and I’m getting pretty comfortable here.  i just need to keep and open mind and an optimistic point of view on this place.  good can and will come of it as  long as i choose to be positive and productive about the class


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