day 2

Today i wrapped up my last lesson on chapter 1 of illustrator CC essentials then i went on ahead and started and finished chapters 2 and 3.  In these chapters i learned more about artboards guide lines hot to set and lock guides then how to export artboards separately from each other.

During chapter 2 found our how to set move and delete guides in 2 different ways. i could wither click and drag from the rulers on the top and left hand side of my document of i could double click on a mark on the ruler and create one that way.  i also found out what bleed on a document does.  i didn’t know that bleed would put a boarder around my document.  I’m still not 100% certain of what exactly it does but i still have plenty to watch so something might turn up in later videos.

On chapter 3 i was mainly covering how to navigate my artboards and how to modify them without having to go through the menu.  I learned that i could select the art board tool and create new artboards alter the look of artboards change them to landscape or letter and how to export art boards by themselves.  i do not know what is different about my version of illustrator compared to the guy doing the videos but i can’t open a separate export menu and select my whole document and export each one separately from there but i can select the art boards and its contents and export them like that which still gets the same result.



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